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Gary Kendall

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Like many other seekers, my journey began with indigenous teachers, in my case, Peruvian shaman/priests who taught me deep honoring of the earth, ceremonial practices, and most importantly heartfulness; and it was in Peru that don Victor Estrada introduced me to my wife Ulla. Then together our paths led to Mt. Shasta and Amorah Quan Yin.

On the day we first met her, Amorah invited us to join a session doing work on the earth. It certainly made an impression on us, because since that day Ulla and I have journeyed to the far reaches of the world doing sacred earthwork with Swedish groups fully trained in Amorah’s healing techniques, now directed toward working with the earth. And, through our workshops and lectures, Ulla and I have worked to assist the earth and her peoples through their next stage of spiritual evolution.

And our earth-centered work has taken a new forward step when working in the arid lands of northwest Argentina, lands that have remained largely free of human psychic debris. The ancient history of the earth before humans as well as the grounding of 'new earth’ consciousness has reshaped our spiritual work on all levels. Our adventures in Argentina are captured in the book We Are The Future Earth:Reflections of a healer's pilgrimage to Argentina's spiritual heartland. <>  

Prior to moving to Stockholm, Sweden, I spent most of my life in Chicago, Illinois, where I served on the faculty of the School of Music at Northwestern University. I am currently a member of the board of the Dolphin Star Temple International, which continues the legacy of Amorah Quan Yin.





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